Client Testimonials

Over the years, Don has trained local celebrities such as:
Bob Seager, recording artist
Isaiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons
James “Lights out” Toney, Middle Weight Champion of the World
Andrea Burnstein, Fitness Maven
Barrett Strong, Motown legend
Brian Harper, MMA Champion fighter
Earl Cureton, NBA
Mike Lotish, NFL, MSU
Joan Wenson, Reebok World champion
3 years Head Strength Coach Farmington High School
4 years Asst. Strength coach for Farmington Harrison Hawks

25 Mar 2018 

I have been training with Don for almost a year now. He is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. With his constant encouragement, I started building up my strength and muscle endurance. His classes are challenging and fun. Whatever your looking for in fitness, Don will help you reach your goal.

2 March 2018 

I’ve been taking Dons classes for a few years, and I can honestly say they work. My friend and I train with him individually as well, and he knows exactly what we want, and what areas of our bodies to focus on. He’s an amazing trainer and very knowledgeable! If you’re thinking about training with him, do it!

Harrison Kelly

5 April 2018 

I’ve been training with Don for three years and it’s been great. He has helped me so much with my boxing skills and with weight training. I would recommend 100% to anyone who is looking for a training.

George Mann

22 Jan 2018 


Dr. Leslie Lafer

 21 Jan 2018 

Don Frazier was a pioneer in personal training and continues to be ahead of his peers today. I know because I’ve been training with him for 30 years. I know because other trainers ask his advice. He has expertise in areas of nutrition,mental attitude ,lifestyle and of course body mechanics to improve all aspects of yourself. Am I his success story? I believe so. Although I don’t do seventy percent of what he would like me to,I am vastly improved because I’ve trained with him. I am a better person for having known him. 

Basim Dubaybo

27 March 2018 

Thank you Don for making my experience in physical fitness rewarding and enjoyable. I am seeing great result.

Lauren Levinson

When the stresses of life drove a once bright mind into vacuity, common sensibility was thereby corrupted.  What followed was a lapse into lethargic despair- leaving the mind and body susceptible to invading toxins.  One man was responsible for metamorphosing this lifeless and irrational amoeba, into a recognizable and shapely being.  Save yourself! See Don!

Cindy Hamel

Don's aerobic workouts are both challenging and invigorating!  I have tried several other aerobic workouts and not one of them compares.  As a full-time sales manager, my days are often long and stressful.  Don's workouts help me reduce stress, have more energy and get in shape at the same time.  I include his workouts in planning my week.  I feel great physically and mentally!  I highly recommend his workouts to anyone who wants the same out of life!

Andrea Bernstien

Even though I've been teaching aerobics for years, I was feeling the need to do more. "That was just for me" Don provided the "more". He is absolutely wonderful in challenging your body in a safe but thoroughly effective way. The combination of aerobics with weight training is making me stronger, tighter, leaner. Don will always be an important part of my exercise regime. THANKS DON!! 

William Slobin

When I started training under Don's supervision, I weighed 237 Ibs. and had a 38 inch waist. That was the first of January, 1988. It is now August and I have a 31 inch waist, I feel better and have never looked better in my life. Don's guidance has  provided me with a better, healthier lifestyle and with that there's nothing you can't do!! THANKS DON!! 

Dave Buckler

I have been training with Don since April 1st, 1988 (4 months). When I started training with Don, my weight was 256 Ibs., waist was 48 112", neck 17 112". After 4 months, I lost 44 lbs.  (212 Ibs.), I lost 9" in my waist (39 112"), and my neck is a 16 112" (1" loss). I learned how  to eat properly. I have discipline for dieting and training. I feel like I'm 20 years old again.  It's hard work, but Don makes it enjoyable to come to the gym and train. THANKS DON!! 

Sunita Lal

My 'Aerobic Odyssey' with Don started as an activity to help me get back into shape for summer. Four months of his classes have changed my thinking. He motivated me to adopt aerobics as a whole new lifestyle. I cut down my smoking, drinking and am eating 'good' food; and I love the difference it has made to my body. Thanks to Don, he makes the experience a lot of fun!

Phyllis Gardynik

Don Frazier possesses a robust demeanor that brings a spicy character to all his aerobic classes. His boyish charm coupled with an infinite knowledge of health and fitness has made him an important part of our work routine. Our relationship is a professional one, yet he always leaves us with a feeling of deep concern for our personal development. Don has acted as my personal trainer as well as aerobic instructor. I feel the quality of my physical well being has been enhanced by allowing Don into my life. 

Citation Club

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the undersigned tenants of Citation Club enjoy the aerobics classes very much; particularly because of Don Frazier's instruction. His mix of personality, expertise, enthusiasm and hard driving energy has made a huge difference in the physical health and condition of all of us. If it were not for Don Frazier, many of us would not attend the classes at all! So thank you very much for funding the classes; as we all feel they are an indispensable part of our tenancy at Citation Club. We also urge you to continue the classes with Don Frazier as instructor! 


Amazing gym. Great trainers and teachers.  The classes are awesome and all different levels! Dan Frazier’s butts and gutts is great for all levels of fitness! His butts and gutts classes also mixed with some cardio ,  A great workout from head to toe!

Sue Tabashnik

2 April 2018 

Don Frazier is the premiere trainer. He knows how to tailor the workout to my own unique needs and makes it very challenging, fun, and safe. I was able to successfully compete in 5 natural bodybuilding shows thanks to Don. I highly recommend Don!

Terry King

 13 Jan 2018 

There’s no school like the old school.  Don Frazier is not one to be swept off his game by the “newest, latest" and unproven.  Only tried and true for Don's clients. In addition to being a very knowledgeable trainer, Don is effortlessly personable and always pushes me further than I would push myself. What impresses me about Don is his ability to know my muscle ability and know what programs to implement to accomplish our ever changing goals. In working with Don the last decade or so, I have yet to acquire an injury from strength training and am very satisfied with my progress. In fact, I have reached many of my goals and we have made new ones together. I can't express enough my thanks for the results we have achieved from our many hours in the gym working on building strength while learning the proper form and technique for overall good health.

Lenor Kako

1 April 2018 

Don is an amazing trainer and knows how to really put you to work. I am sore after almost every workout and I actually see results. Highly recommend!

Lynn Barrios


Don is such a great trainer and motivator. He is truly everything you look for in a trainer.

Helga Holic

I'm hooked - on Den's workouts. He has the ability to motivate and make workouts fun. He does expect everyone to put forth maximum effort and push beyond that. I have worked with Don for six months and the results are obvious. I have more energy and look a lot better in a bathing suit than before. With Don's help and my effort, I'm not getting any older, I'm getting better.

Rachel Satz

Motivated and invigorating are the feelings I've found while jumping around to Don Frazier's sounds.  It may be his music or his body, whatever it is, he's an inspiration for me.  Toning and firming are the goals that I set, with aerobics each day they are finally being set. Don Frazier's workouts have done wonders for me and will do wonders for you.

Sheila Guz

Training with Don has been a wonderful experience for me. I've toned up my body in a few short months and the feeling after the workout leaves me feeling great all day. Don is an A-I professional with an excellent knowledge of nutrition and body building. THANKS DON!! 

Twaide Willis, M.D.

Training off-and-on for two years, I began personal training one year ago as a 105 lb "weakling." Accomplishments: 120 lb. mass of muscle. No more flabby thighs! Enhanced mental capacity. Don is the Mercedes of personal trainers!

Kathe Paul

"Body By You" couldn't be more true. Don offers his expertise and incorporates all aspects of natural bady wellness into his workouts. He pushes us to the limit and I love it! Over the last year I've lost over 25 pounds. Thanks to Don, in the eight weeks I've been working out with him I've toned my body, adding definition to the right places and dropped another size! I trust Don and appreciate his personal touch.

Sue Tabash

I was training on my own for several years and started training with Don because I wanted help to getting through plateaus; including a knee problem. Now it is almost 3 years later and I am still training with Don! I have been able to reach an important dream of mine - to become a competitive bodybuilder (participated in 3 natural bodybuilding shows). Don has been great at training proper form, working around various old injuries, finding excellent nutritional and diet practices, knowing just how much to push me, and helping me get connected to myself mentally to achieve my goals. Thanks Don for your knowledge, intuitive abilities, enthusiasm, creativity, professionalism, and hard work! 

Shawn Gilbert

I began my training with Don after several years of training on my own. I felt I was not making the gains that I should be and that I was basically in a rut. Don enhanced my training by showing me principles and techniques I had never done before. Under Den's guidance and knowledge I was able to complete and place first in my division at the 1989 Michigan Gold Cup Body Building Championship. Don also helped me to move up in weight class and compete in two shows in 1990, placing in the top five in both. Next stop, Mr. Michigan and Musclemania! 

Tim Kirby

Tim Kirby

I started training with Don in 1986 after working out at home for several years. In a short period of time with Don I made more progress than in ten years by myself. I started out weighing 135 pounds and not having much strength or energy. I now weigh 150 pounds, have increased strength and have a lot more energy. Don has provided the push I needed to take better care of myself. Thank you Don! 

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